In a world of digitization, where technology has become inevitable in almost every sector, the need for humans to connect with fellow beings is getting digitized too. Metaverse is a new huge technological platform that satisfies the human desire for engagement, communication, and profit. Yeah, you heard it right! Metaverse is the buzz that is going to give you an exotic experience. Talking about prospects of Metaverse? Be prepared to hear an endless list of possibilities. Out of all the industries that the magical touch of Metaverse will transform, the gaming industry would be the first to see immediate impacts. Many tech giants have already made the first move. So let us take a round trip to the world of Metaverse Gaming.

In this article, you will come across the following headings:

The think tanks suggest that “By 2025, the gaming industry is expected to generate an estimated $211 billion in revenue, with mobile gaming contributing $116 billion,” So the gaming industry and metaverse can do a lot together.

Features of metaverse gaming

The term “metaverse” refers to a cohesive and interoperable virtual reality (VR) environment in which users may engage in advanced human-computer interaction (HCI) hardware and software interactions with one another and the surrounding digital environment. Gaming is a fundamental use case for the metaverse due to its immersive nature.

Here let us try to look into the features of metaverse that the gaming industry could make the best use of metaverse technologies.


This feature enables the creativity of every user. Here the user can use games as a platform to contribute to the virtual world and add more creative content. The user has the freedom to create more sub-games and activities. In short, gaming is a platform to evoke creativity and other activities.

Decentraland and sandbox are examples of games as platforms. In decentraland, you can buy and construct virtual buildings and conduct activities like games, concerts, or anything that can be monetized.

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The goal of Sandbox is to provide an immersive and dynamic Metaverse where players may freely develop various virtual in-game structures and items that can interact with one another. The number of NFTs available for purchase and incorporation into the virtual reality world at Sandbox is currently above 20,000.

Social gaming 

The metaverse is very social, distinguishing it from the typical VR experiences, where players are mostly alone. The ability to play with others in a multiplayer game opens up a new dimension where players may engage with one another, invite real-world acquaintances, and form new friendships.

metaverse gaming - social gaming

Let me give you an example. This would be the view through your eyes when you open decentraland. As you can see different activities and games ahead, you can go and enjoy it. Also, on the bottom left, you can see the option to chat and join in voice conversations. These are the socializing options to engage in meaningful conversations with other players.

Play to earn

This feature opens doors to the earning potential of using metaverse in gaming. What !! can you make some real money by playing games? Yeah, you heard it right. Yes, Players may take part in financially rewarding activities. Players may sell the goods they have gained in the game to other players in exchange for digital money.

Some of the popular in-game assets of games like decentraland, sandbox, and axie infinity can be sold in the open market like open-sea as NFTs. You can also receive rewards in the form of crypto-currencies by playing and winning games.

Portable game assets 

Any portable asset has unarguably more value. Asset portability is made possible thanks to the metaverse’s interoperable design. Weapons or avatar upgrades obtained in one game may be transferable to another, with persistent ownership governed by NFT regulations.

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In axie infinity, you have to raise the pets as a player. The animals you raise and breed belongs to you. You can transfer them to the open market and be sold on the market for native tokens to get real money.

Mixed reality experience

To create a more natural immersive experience, the metaverse uses MR and AR. Mixed reality might be used in gaming in the metaverse, allowing players to seamlessly transition from group chat in augmented reality to a board game in MR to a full-fledged VR scenario. Many games like Horizon World, Minecraft, and other metaverse games use MR and AR reality to give you an immersive experience.

Technologies used in metaverse gaming

So do you wonder about the Metaverse’s underlying technology? Then this section is for you.

The technologies used are given below.

AR and VR

Using graphic components and characters, augmented reality (AR) transforms the physical environment into a virtual one. It enables you to have immersive mobile experiences on smartphones and other digital devices. Thus increasing the ease of access to the service while using the technology.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

These technologies offer advantages, including portability, value transfer, digital collectability, interoperability, and evidence of ownership in the digital realm. You can transfer value on the 3D metaverse platform using cryptocurrencies, which function like real-world money with enhanced properties, unlike fiat currency.

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is the capacity of machines to mimic human actions through automation and learning, as well as the imitation of higher-order cognitive processes used by humans in domains like communication and visual perception. The use of AI will give you experience close to real-world experience.

NFT in metaverse gaming

NFTs are popular for their unique features and proof of ownership. So in the world of the gaming industry, you may purchase and acquire utility NFTs such as weapons and skins for their characters. You can also trade such rare NFTs and reap profit. You may construct, develop, host, and sell virtual properties in the metaverse. Each piece of land in the metaverse is also an NFT.

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Cloud gaming

It employs distant servers to store video game data and process activities associated with playing video games while delivering those services to a personal computer, mobile device, or gaming console over the Internet. This feature enhances the security of users as well as reduces the cost, as there is no need for extra hardware devices. Other technologies discussed here are for the metaverse, and this particular technology is specific to the gaming domain in the metaverse.

How to launch a metaverse gaming platform?

Below are the simple steps to launch your gaming platform in the metaverse.

How to launch a metaverse gaming platform

If you want to develop your own metaverse game, don’t think that it is impossible, the tools required to create a game, coding knowledge for a game, and other feature creation can be done with the help of a Metaverse development company.

Design a 3D world

The 3D world is the environment where the players can need interact and play games. So it is important to plan and design a 3D world incorporating the desired features. It is important to align the design of your 3D world with the goals that you wish to achieve through the game.

Create Avatar

So your environment is set. Now, you need to represent players. Hence you can build an avatar or a character that is unique to a player. This Avatar should be able to move freely in the environment, interact and play the designed game. You also need to set features of the avatars, like where the avatar should be located, what activities that avatars can participate in during the game, and what are the controls for your avatar when to give rewards to the avatars, etc.

Set the option to link the crypto wallet to the platform

It is important to add this option to develop a play-to-earn model or to allow transactions in return for the trade of any in-game assets. So even if you are not planning to involve a transaction at the initial stages, keep the room open for the future.

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Develop metaverse gaming assets

It is important to develop in-game assets at this point, like weapons, cars, or any other incentive that can be utilized in the game. Develop these assets in such a way that these assets are in accordance with the game.

Metaverse gaming user interface

Keep upgrading the user experience and flow to ensure that you provide a seamless and engaging user experience.
To identify game bugs and make sure that players are informed of new features, it is crucial to make updates to the game continuously in response to user input.


Testing is the most crucial part of game development and any app development. It is time to correct any mistakes that were done during any of the development phases. It is important to remove glitches from the game design. To ensure a successful game, make sure that the game is well designed and has a flow in a gamified manner.

Investing a lot of time researching and testing the game will not be a bad decision, as it will only help you be hit among the users.

The most crucial aspect of game design is ensuring players’ requirements are met.

Benefits of Metaverse Gaming

Why would the gaming industry incorporate metaverse? The answer is in the benefits of Metaverse in gaming. The following are a few of many.

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The metaverse and the Gaming industry are a deadly combination of amazing innovations and inventions. The creative freedom, along with feeding the instincts of creativity and social instincts of human beings, i.e., entertainment, human interaction, games, and real-life experience offered by these two technologies, will win hearts without any doubt. So Investment in learning a little about our future technologies and possibilities pays you the best interest. Happy reading, folks!

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