Why use CoinFactory

Whitelabel Crypto Wallet Solution?

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Facilitates seamless integration of multiple crypto tokens to match your unique needs, making it suitable for both newcomers and experienced users.

User Friendly Platform

User Friendly Platform

It's simple, user-friendly, and eye-catching interface will make your experience of interacting with cryptocurrencies much easier and hassle-free.

Rich Features & Integrations

Rich Features & Integrations

Built with all the features needed to manage your crypto assets the same way you manage your investments and financial holdings.

Securely Buy, Sell & Store

Enable your customers to access their crypto assets from anywhere at any time

Our whitelabel crypto wallet makes it easier for users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. Just verify your identity, add your payment method, whether it's a debit or credit card or a bank account, and you're ready to go. Talk to our experts to get a free demo of our solution and see how it works.

Supports 14 different languages

Accepts 150+ cryptos and FIAT money

Supports several payment gateways

Accepts fiat payments

Low transaction fees

User activity log

Customer support integration zendesk, fresh desk + 8 others

SMS alerts and notifications

Securely buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies
Transfer your crypto assets and watch its growth

Transfer Your Crypto Assets &
Watch its Growth

Easily manage end-to-end functionalities of your crypto wallet

The crypto wallet solution gives you the power to stash your cryptocurrencies and trade them right on its in-built crypto exchange. You can even swap hundreds of cryptocurrency tokens with thousands of available trading pairs. So now make your crypto assets work for you and earn money passively with just a few clicks.

Historical and live market data retrieval

Cryptocurrencies reward management

Import other wallets

Trading fee management

Best price matching against providers

Support multiple fiat and crypto base pairs

Best-in-Class Crypto
Security Protocols

Secure crypto assets with your own secret private key

To safeguard your crypto investments and your privacy, we have equipped our crypto wallet with industry-leading security protocols and highest standards of legal compliance. Our world-class level security team makes sure that everything is compliant with AML and KYC regulations. Interested in learning more about our security practices - Talk to our experts!

2-step verification (2FA)

IP whitelist

Login IP restriction

Password stretching

Wallet data backup

Customizable and granular API key permissions and more

Best in Class Crypto Security Protocols

New to crypto? No Problem. We can help you!

To earn more rewards from your crypto investments, you need to have a wallet that can store all your crypto assets, keep track of your profits, losses, and portfolio valuation with ease.

Crypto wallets powered by

crypto line

Tailored For Your Business Needs

We've got the best treasure chest for your crypto assets. Our whitelabel crypto wallet ensures that all your crypto assets are secure and hack proof.

Cross Platform Compatible

Cross Platform Compatible

Never again be limited by platforms or devices, our platform provides the flexibility to allow access across multiple platforms and devices. Sounds interesting? Reach out to us for a demo.

Wide Range Crypto Support

Wide Range Crypto Support

The wallet supports 150+ cryptocurrencies with 20+ fiat currencies, stablecoins, altcoins, ERC20 tokens, etc. It is a community-approved and thoroughly audited wallet, which stores over $100 billions worth of cryptos.

Enterprise Grade Security

24x7 Support

When you need help, our team will work with you to reach an efficient resolution for all your needs within the next 24 hours. Our dedicated specialists provide a level of support that is unmatched in the crypto industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us a word if the answers to your doubts aren't listed here, and we'll get back to you with proper answers within the next 24hrs.

What exactly is a crypto wallet?

Think of the crypto wallet as a digital place to facilitate the transfer and management of your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Your assets in crypto wallet live on a blokchain network, and it provides you access to a private key that proves your ownership of the stored cryptocurrencies. To learn more - How to launch an ICO, STO, or IEO in 2021?

How does a crypto wallet work?

A crypto wallet provides you with the private key required to interact with your crypto assets present in a blockchain network. In other words, a wallet can generate the needed information to send and receive cryptocurrencies via a blockchain network. So, even if your computer or smart device gets compromised, you can still access your funds on another device using the corresponding private key.

Why do you need a crypto wallet?

To buy or trade a cryptocurrency, you need to have a wallet address to transfer the ownership of that crypto asset. So each crypto investor needs to have a wallet to get this address and to keep their crypto assets safe.

How long will it take to launch a crypto wallet?

You can launch your crypto wallet in just 15 days with the CoinFactory platform. It is the fastest time available in the market for a similar solution. The proposed time includes branding changes such as logo, color theme, etc. The initial deployment comes with all the basic set of features and customizations. New features and changes to UI/UX take more time, depending on its complexity.

What will it cost to launch a crypto wallet?

Depending on the platform configuration, the cost estimate can vary accordingly. Reach us to get a detailed explanation on how to launch the Coinfactory’s whitelabel crypto wallet.

What about the infrastructure setup needed for the crypto wallet?

You needn’t worry about its infrastructure setup. We can help you with the infrastructure setup for deploying the wallet and configuring the DevOps. Beyond that, we’ll help you understand how to maintain the wallet infrastructure and gain maximum financial returns.

How to get started?

Drop us a message of your crypto wallet requirements, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.