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The success of an ICO is determined by how effectively the team executes the different processes and steps involved in it. Depending on the nature of the business, target investor characteristics, and ICO checklist models, the processes involved can change. This complete ICO checklist covers in detail the different action items that need to be completed before the launch of an ICO. It contains all the processes and action items; some are mandatory while others are ‘good to have.’ In a nutshell, the investor will trust an ICO more if the team executes all the action items described in this article, including the ‘good to have’ items.

This complete ICO checklist covers the must-have and suitable to have components of an ICO, including

  1. ICO whitepaper
  2. ICO marketing
  3. Advisor onboarding
  4. ICO planning
  5. Token sale
  6. Token distribution
  7. ICO infrastructure and many more,

This ICO management list is created based on our involvement in launching many major established ICOs, including some of the quickest ‘sold out’ ICOs on the planet. An ICO campaign can be overwhelming or easy as a pie, depending upon how well we have planned, listed out what has to be done, and how well we execute it. A checklist can be a handy tool to keep track of all different action items processes and note their status during the ICO planning phase. Assuming you are reading this whitepaper because you plan to launch an ICO shortly, all the best for your venture! If you are looking for a secure, scalable, and self-hosted ICO platform, visit here Coinfactory

Feel free to reach out to us if you like to discuss this whitepaper or if you need any clarification. Happy ICOing!


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