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With enormous liquidity, the NFT Real Estate platform is a profitable path for business. Our NFT real estate marketplace development services can enhance your success.


High Security

Our NFT marketplace ensures that your users have high security for all transactions.


User-Friendly Platform

Deliver a seamless user experience with our user-friendly NFT marketplace platform.

24/7 Technical Support

You’ll get a dedicated team to support you around the clock with any hurdles faced during the development.

realestate nft

NFT Real Estate Marketplace

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Increase cash flow by reducing obstacles during vendor & salary payouts

How can NFT Transform the Real Estate Industry?

NFTs positively impact real estate by giving shared property ownership, transfer of ownership, and more.

different investors

Sell portions of an asset to different investors
ownership transfer

Ownership transfer can take place without an intermediary

Gamifying the process of buying and selling properties
tokenized assets

Tokenized assets are easy to lend and borrow and thus can be a mortgage.

Benefits Of NFT Real Estate

Property assets as NFT offers may attractive opportunities and benefits for buyers and sellers alike.

immovability assets

The immovability of assets makes them eligible to use as collateral

Smart contracts are customizable for a lease, loan, or sale
Cash flow statements

Virtual land provides real value as an asset for the market
third party plugins

Ownership is transparent and easily verifiable, reducing fraud
Offers your customers an easy way to collect & track payments

Features Of Real Estate NFT Marketplace

Our Real Estate NFT Marketplace can give you features transparency and reduced paperwork to ensure that your real estate marketplace operates smoothly and efficiently.

Attractive Display

Our NFT marketplace can help the users visualize the product in the best way possible in an effective and attractive 3D NFT display.



Provides complete transparency of transactions and transfer of property ownership with our decentralized NFT marketplace.

Paperwork Oriented

Unlike Art or Music NFTs, less physical work is involved in property NFT. Most work is paperwork oriented, which is easier to navigate.

cost effective

Cutting out overhead costs

Since NFT purchases don't require intermediaries or realtors, sellers and buyers can cut the overhead costs to understand the true price.

faster transaction

Accessible Payment Process

The NFT marketplace is integrated with NFT Wallet and has multiple payment gateways that make payment more accessible and faster.


Multi-layer Security

NFT marketplace provides multi-layer security, and additionally, the two-factor authentication system ensures the safety of assets and wallets.



Customize the Marketplace to Suit your needs

Give the best experience to your users with an extremely customizable NFT Marketplace. Wanna know how we can make it happen? Contact us today.

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Our customers loved working with us.

“Coinfactory platform has garnered thousands of users and become a trusted tool for business transactions. Flexible, and responsive, they managed the project well and had no issues with language barriers or deadlines.”

Elizabeth Priestman

CEO, International Deal Gateway

"Coinfactory brought their full experience in this project and was able to improve the ideas we came up with by far. These changes were substantial and did allow us to work with more then one group at the same time."

Milivoje Batista

Founder, ATROMG8

"Handling unexpected marketplace requirements, Coinfactory proactively offered suggestions. Their ability to deliver custom solutions within budgetary and timeline restrictions is notable."

Jon Ratliff

Founder & President, eBlaze Marketing Inc

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What is an NFT Real Estate Marketplace?

It is a platform where plots of real-world land can be tokenized and traded. It can either be a centralized or decentralized marketplace and can differ in trading methods.


NFT Real Estate Marketplace

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