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CoinFactory has been in the route of fintech services for many years. Our experts have consulted and built several NFT launchpads for various clients. Here are some reasons why you should choose us.



We help to you personalize the NFT platform to match based on your requirements easily.


Quick Deployment

Once we have a consultation and you tell us what you need, without delay you can see the launchpad up and running.


24/7 technical support

Whether during the development or after the deployment, we will support you through every need at any time.

Personalized NFT Launchpad Development

You might have different reasons to build an NFT launchpad. Here are a few kinds of NFT launchpad development we offer.


NFT Launchpad for Artists

A well-built NFT launchpad platform presents the artists with royalty benefits and the ability to showcase authentic art to reach a large audience.


NFT Launchpad for Games

Gamers get to purchase gaming assets from an NFT Launchpad. Game developers can list their tokens on the launchpad.


NFT Launchpad for Movies

Movies are considered a blend of all art forms with a large audience. A launchpad to congratulate an actor's debut could earn millions.


NFT Launchpad for Sports

Creating and sharing some precious moments from the life of a sports hero as NFT works like magic among their fanatics.


NFT Launchpad for Musicians

Musicians can tokenize their music to claim ownership and use royalty rights. Music NFTs are booming in the entertainment industry.


NFT Launchpad for Influencers

Influencers trying to deepen their bond with their followers via NFTs can get help from launchpads and reach users globally and increase followers.

Features of NFT Launchpad

Features of NFT Launchpad

An NFT launchpad can have features depending on the customizations you choose. Regardless, here are the basic features of an NFT launchpad.


Showcasing your NFT project and offers.

Managing Creator profiles and portfolios.

It offers interoperability and low gas fee.

Exhibiting rare and authentic NFTs.

Benefits of NFT Launchpad

You might already know the benefits of an NFT launchpad if you have come all the way to get it built. Nevertheless, here are some benefits of an NFT launchpad.


Exhibit your tokens globally for fans and provide benefits.

Launchpads offer faster and immediate liquidity for NFTs.

Artists earn royalty money and maintain ownership.

Native Tokens helps in fundraising and provide rewards.
NFT launchpad benefits
DEFI Token

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What our clients say,

Our customers loved working with us.

“Coinfactory" platform has garnered thousands of users and become a trusted tool for business transactions. Flexible, and responsive, they managed the project well and had no issues with language barriers or deadlines.”

Elizabeth Priestman

CEO, International Deal Gateway

"They brought their full experience in this project and was able to improve the ideas we came up with by far. These changes were substantial and did allow us to work with more then one group at the same time."

Milivoje Batista

Founder, ATROMG8

"Handling unexpected marketplace requirements and proactively offered suggestions. Their ability to deliver custom solutions within budgetary and timeline restrictions is notable."

Jon Ratliff

Founder & President, eBlaze Marketing Inc

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What is an NFT Launchpad?

NFT launchpad offers a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to start with nfts. With the nft launchpad, you can create and manage your nft project or business quickly and easily. You can also use the nft launchpad to sell nfts or promote your nft project or business. nft launchpad is the perfect platform for launching your nft project or business. Get started today and see the difference nft launchpad can make.

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