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About Us

We believe that decentralization and tokenized business models are the future of entreprenuership. That's why we built CoinFactory, to help organizations to transform their business through tokenization.


Our Vision

ICOs are a great way to raise funds, it fixes a lot of flaws VC industry had. However, it came up with a new set of flaws of its own, which made it possible for fraudsters in the market to take advantage of the process to scam the investors. Current statistics say that 4 out of every 5 ICOs are scams. Due to this even legit ICOs find it increasingly difficult to raise funds.

At CoinFactory, we believe that giving the control back to the community and encouraging the development of self-policing communities would fix this problem. CoinFactory’s investor engagement and management platform allow ICO stakeholders to regain investors' trust by giving control back to the community and differentiate their ICOs from other fake ICOs. It allows ICO companies to build a robust and self-policing community around the platform. We believe that such communities and groups are more efficient than another central party enforcing rules and regulations to a set of like-minded people who came together for a cause.


About Us

Based in USA, CoinFactory was founded on 2016 with a vision to help organizations to transform their business through tokenization. CoinFactory is backed by Accubits Technologies, an AI and BLOCKCHAIN focused development and solutions company based in Virginia, USA with its development offices in India and Dubai. Pioneering as a custom Blockchain solutions provider delivering solutions ever since 2012, Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced Blockchain dev house in the market and is featured as one among the top 13 Blockchain companies in India by INC42.


A history that no
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Meet The Team


Jithin V.G


Featured in Entrepreneur.com as one among Top entrepreneurs to look out for in 2018.


Ditto P.S


Heading the operations of CoinFactory with his expertise built over 10 years in business operations


Aharsh M.S


Heading the marketing of CoinFactory. Advisor to several prominent ICOs launched with CoinFactory.


Rahul A.R

Head of Blockchain

Head of Blockchain development and lead product architect of CoinFactory.


Athul P.S

Head of Development

Heading the product development, security analysis and product deployments

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