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NFT Real Estate Tokenization

Own a bit of everything by investing in real estate tokenization. Investors can access fractional ownership using a frictionless form of investment via real estate tokenization. We offer a user-friendly method where investors can experience advantages like regular cash flow, fewer maintenance costs, sufficient liquidity, better capital efficiency, and frequent rent payments. We aim to democratize real estate investment and improve its accessibility while ensuring affordability.

NFT Real Estate Tokenization

Fractional & Frictionless Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is known to be a far-reaching, boundless industry. And blockchain-based tokenization thrives among potential investors because it creates an efficient business space with increased liquidity, globalization, and several other factors. The unique value of your real estate assets can be determined by tokenizing them to NFTs. The scarcity and uniqueness of NFTs will drive up the demand. These qualities are perfect for the real estate market, and digitizing opens several doors virtually. Represent your property in NFT and earn millions.

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Real Estate Tokenization Checklist

We have a checklist below that will guide you through the process of tokenizing your real estate assets.

  • Decentralization
  • Smart Contracts
  • Type of Interest
  • Legal Entity
  • Securities Regulations
  • Corporate Code
  • Asset Type
  • Location of the Asset
  • Ratio of Tokenization
  • Mortgages on the Asset
  • Investor Traceability
  • Automated KYC/AML
  • Investor Verification
  • International Fundraising
  • Legal Frameworks
  • Numerous Jurisdictions

Features of Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Our NFT real estate tokenization platform is a customizable all-inclusive property-backed NFT issuance platform. We develop and deploy your virtual assets in the form of NFTs with ease. Our market visibility and innovation enable us to list your NFT property in various in-demand marketplaces that can bid for a considerable price value.

  • Quick P2P transactions
  • Efficient property management
  • KYC/AML compliance
  • OTC facility for token exchange
  • Integration with PSP’s
  • Integrated voting system
  • Digital stock certificates
  • NFTs for land ownership
  • Dividend token to investors
  • Lost token recovery
Features of Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Process Involved in NFT Real Estate Tokenization

NFT real estate tokenization means creating an NFT that can represent the ownership of a real estate asset in the virtual space. Take a look at the below steps to understand this better.

01 – Find a Significant Deal

The type of assets, the place/jurisdiction, the type of shareholders, and the regulations under the particular place all play a significant role in finalizing the deal.

Find a significant deal
Becoming a Part Legally

02 – Becoming a Part Legally

Becoming a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) lets you be a member of a real estate fund. With that, you can involve in project finance or participate in Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).

03 – Selection of the Appropriate Technology

Create the token using a suitable blockchain. Investors will require a custody solution to store their tokens safely. The securitized tokens are offered to investors through primary issuance or trading on the leading secondary exchanges.

Selection of the Appropriate Technology
Token Creation & Distribution

04 – Token Creation & Distribution

After creating the NFT, a distribution plan needs to be developed for the created NFT. Then look into the various payment options available to the potential investors. The cap table updated on a real-time basis helps you view the total funds raised for your token.

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate tokenization is a win-win situation, beneficial for both the property owner and the investor. The volatility and demand of token assets are a boon for this industry.

High Volume Liquidity

High-Volume Liquidity

You can expect a high-volume liquidity inflow upon tokenizing your real estate assets. Tokens can significantly convert property values into cash, and their liquidity helps in efficient buying and selling.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

Multiple owners of a property can split the value of shares. It also eases your burden to endure challenges when the market is not feasible.



The most prominent highlight of the virtual real estate market is its geographical representation. Anyone from anywhere in the world can buy/sell without barriers and gain ownership of assets.

No Intermediaries

No Intermediaries

Tokenised real estate transactions take place through decentralized blockchain-based exchanges. Tokenisation reduces the cost of intermediaries and mediators like brokers. The owner can directly conduct peer-to-peer transactions with the buyer vis-a-vis.

Blockchain Immutability

Blockchain Immutability

Records are non-interchangeable with the security of blockchains for transactions.  Immutability gives the users of your marketplace and you complete anonymity while transacting.

Efficient Transaction

Efficient Transactions

Real estate tokenization reduces the time needed to execute a land deal. You are also free from time-consuming paperwork. It guarantees efficient peer-to-peer transactions with anyone, anywhere.

Reduced Entry Cost

Reduced Entry Cost

You can divide your real estate assets into many parts after tokenization. You can sell them at lower prices, which is called fractionalization. You can onboard many investors and have a diverse group of investor portfolios.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure

NFT marketplace has equal distribution among every user. No one entity has significant control. The real estate assets are also safe and are accessible with advanced cryptographic technologies like private keys.

Easy Management

Easy Management

It allows simplified governance of investor rights. Any secondary transactions placed can be easily tracked in real-time by partnering with third-party exchanges. Investors will get the returns delivered on time, and they also get to participate in the governance process via voting.

Factors to Consider for Real Estate Tokenization

You might have to pay attention to some of the things mentioned below:

  • Clarity about the type of interest the investor gains from your property.
  • Even though these are virtual assets, the various security laws governing the land transaction vary from place to place.
  • You must set up a corporate code while creating an entity like a marketplace.
  • You should not ignore mortgage issues regarding the assets or properties.
  • Remember that the guidelines for carrying out domestic and international trade of each token are different.
Factors to Consider for Real Estate Tokenization
Practical & Legal Issues that Need to be Addressed

Practical & Legal Issues that Need to be Addressed

You must diligently follow crypto and digital currency laws to avoid significant issues during token sales.

  • Strictly follow the government regulations regarding KYC/AML verification processes.
  • Crypto regulations vary from country to country. So, investors might find it challenging to prove the asset’s ownership legally.
  • These tokens are recognized as shares in the SPV or to get cash inflows from the real estate assets.
  • Even though decentralization is followed throughout the platform, self-regulation is limited. So, it should be appropriately aligned with well-defined laws.

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