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Coinfactory’s whitelabel NFT marketplace now supports Flow blockchain

CoinFactory’s whitelabel NFT marketplace platform now supports Flow blockchain. With over 2 million accounts, over 17 million individual NFTs created, and over 10 million secondary markets NFT sale transactions, Flow is one of the fastest-growing blockchains. Flow’s robust non-custodial ecosystem has matured into a platform for anybody to build consumer-grade blockchain applications, in addition to marquee applications like NBA TopShot that set the groundwork for this evolution.

The Whitelabel NFT marketplace integrated with Flow blockchain also supports features like NFT auctions and NFT drops. The platform provides the flexibility for users to access the marketplace from multi-platform as well as multi-device. Offering options to access the platform on the go with mobile apps, progressive web apps, etc.

Flow blockchain standardizes usability improvements for crypto traders and sports fans alike, which makes it a good choice for developing blockchain applications. It supports multiple payment onramps and ecosystems optimized for consumer applications and Flow accounts making it easy for dapps or wallets to pay transaction fees and recover lost keys for users. Flow’s proven Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism adds a unique multi-node architecture to drive dramatic improvements in speed, throughput, and environmental friendliness without sharding or “layer two”.  This means Flow is the greenest Web 3 network among leading platforms. Minting an NFT on Flow costs less carbon than a post on a social networking site.

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