The term metaverse has been blowing up the internet the past few months. Coinfactory is working towards its development and is excited to show a sneak peek of the Virtual World that Coinfactory is building around the NFT marketplace.  The metaverse is a virtual environment that is both immersive and persistent. That is to say that you participate in the environment as if it were real. You can learn, socialize, shop, game, or do many other things in these metaverses.

Today’s virtual worlds are mostly constrained to PC and tablet interfaces. They’re limited by the not-so-immersive capabilities of that hardware–a far cry from the indistinguishable alternate realities of science fiction. But, as VR hardware becomes more advanced and more affordable, these virtual experiences will become more “real,” and the line between our physical world and the virtual worlds we inhabit will begin to blur. Common questions asked are how can businesses leverage this opportunity


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