The CEO Story, a platform about exceptional entrepreneurs and business leaders, recognizes Coinfactory as the best tech enabler for global organizations to embrace crypto and blockchain. The CEO Story also identified Coinfactory as ‘The Best Consultancy Firm to work with.’ The report aimed to help companies make better decisions by seeking help from best-in-class blockchain developers, where they highlighted Coinfactory’s expertise in identifying future growth prospects.

Coinfactory, an Accubits product, is one of the fastest-growing technology enablers for crypto projects. CoinFactory is a suite of products and platforms that helps you take your crypto or blockchain project to the market in the shortest time possible. The suite offers an ICO launch platform, STO launch platform, Whitelabel NFT marketplace, Whitelabel crypto exchange, and Whitelabel crypto wallet.

Coinfactory has successfully launched more than 45 ICOs/STOs. Many NFT marketplaces use Coinfactory’s Whitelabel NFT Marketplace platform, and several crypto wallet apps use Coinfactory’s Whitelabel crypto wallet application. The latest addition to the Coinfactory suite is the Metaverse NFT Marketplace, offering end-to-end nft marketplace solutions to the customers with hassle-free technology adoption and market expansion.

Coinfactoy’s expertise in offering tokenization and custom blockchain solutions enabled the company to be a market leader; with out-of-the-box blockchain services and solutions.

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