Accubits Technologies has partnered with TZ APAC, a leading Asia-based public blockchain consultancy supported by the Tezos Foundation to promote clean NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). With this partnership, the companies agree to work together to enable entrepreneurs to launch NFT marketplaces using Tezos’ clean NFT standards.

NFTs have exploded in popularity in 2021 with NFT artworks and collectibles selling for millions of dollars. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain used for minting NFTs today. The energy consumption of Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work consensus system has raised concerns regarding its environmental impact. Some estimates of Ethereum’s annual energy consumption place it at around 26TWh which is comparable to the annual energy consumption of Ecuador, a country of 17 million people. Tezos’ energy-efficient blockchain provides an environment-friendly option to mint and sells NFTs. Tezos’ Proof-of-Stake blockchain consumes over two million times less energy than Proof-of-Work networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

“Buying, selling, and collecting any kind of digital asset on a blockchain should never come at the expense of the planet. In choosing Tezos, Accubits have demonstrated their commitment to prioritizing sustainability when developing their solutions. We look forward to supporting this project in its efforts to provide a ready-to-use white-label NFT marketplace platform, making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to embrace blockchain technology.” Said Mr. Scott Littlewood, Head of Business Development and Operations, TZ APAC.

Accubits recently launched a white-label NFT marketplace platform under the banner of its crypto product ecosystem – CoinFactory. The platform enables entrepreneurs to launch their own NFT marketplace in just a matter of days. With the partnership, Accubits would promote Tezos’ clean NFTs to its clients planning to launch an NFT marketplace.

“I think, going forward we all should embrace eco-friendly blockchains. Moreover, the current gas price of Ethereum is not a good choice for artists who want to sell cheaper digital arts. I’m excited about this partnership with Tezos so that we can solve multiple problems in the NFT space in one shot.” Said Mr. Jithin V.G, – CEO, Accubits Technologies.

TZ APAC and Accubits are excited as it brings traditionally niche segments of the market such as carbon credit trading, fractional art ownership, and digital goods to a broader audience and unlocking value with eco-friendly NFTs.

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