In more than ten years that blockchain has been around, phenomenal advancements have occurred in the industry–from crypto trading to NFTs and DeFi to Web3 and the metaverse. New projects are being developed daily, and their ambitious targets have given rise to efficient fundraising mechanisms such IDOs and ICOs. Initial offerings have particularly helped raise funds for many crypto start-ups. Recently, crypto launchpads have gained attention as a convenient and credible way to conduct initial offerings and raise funds. This article will explain the IDO launchpad and how choosing a white-label solution would be the best way to create a launchpad for IDO.

What is an IDO Launchpad?

An Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is a crypto capital-raising event that uses a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) to distribute tokens to investors. Launchpads for IDO are platforms where crypto business projects can launch their IDO tokens for fundraising campaigns. Launchpads are decentralized platforms developed on a blockchain network that enable people to invest in listed projects at a special pre-sale price before they enter the market.

The launchpad provides all the details of a project, such as description, roadmap, token utilities, whitepaper, etc., that allows an investor to find projects of interest to them. IDO may be seen as an advance to ICO. Listing projects on a launchpad serves as an efficient way of attracting investors and allowing them to assist in the exponential growth of the listed projects.

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Launchpads help crypto projects gather funds for their development and marketing by giving investors access to undervalued tokens. Decentralized in nature, verified launchpads use smart contracts to provide secure funding in a trustless setting. Launchpads bring like-minded investors together, making fundraising for crypto projects easier, and are often reasonably priced compared to other approaches.

A launchpad is a platform that allows businesses to list their crypto projects. The projects are carefully reviewed and verified before they are added to the platform. Investors can invest in these projects by buying their IDO tokens. The liquidity of the IDO tokens is determined by the liquidity pool of the launchpad. A launchpad benefits investors by providing them with high investment returns and helping the listed projects meet their funding requirements.

The launchpad for IDO is completely decentralized and benefits users by lowering waiting times and gas prices and enabling faster transactions. Automated smart contracts power the platform, and a peer-to-peer network helps improve transaction speed. An interesting characteristic of launchpads is that they may be built on a specific blockchain or on multiple blockchains. Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Cardano, and Kusama are the most common blockchains for developing launchpads.

Let’s look at some other characteristics that make a launchpad for IDO interesting.

How is a launchpad for IDO useful?

What are the benefits of an IDO launchpad?

Launchpads for IDO use DEXs which allow for trustless transactions. They offer economical token-selling options and highly efficient listing models for business owners. Furthermore, they have a solid vetting protocol since they use the community to raise project funds, eliminating the possibility of scammers and fraudulent projects.

Here are some other phenomenal benefits of launchpads:

What is a white-label IDO launchpad?

A white-label launchpad is a ready-made solution that has already been built. That is to say; the platform is extensively tried and tested to ensure there are no flaws. A whitelabel launchpad needs minimum development before it is ready for a business since finalizing the available user-end customization options is the only thing to be done.

A low amount of work significantly reduces the cost and time usually spent deploying a launchpad from scratch. A competently built white-label launchpad is fully customizable and configurable. It exhibits state-of-the-art security features with built-in KYC verification tools and integrated liquidity providers, allowing you to market in a few days.

A competently built white-label launchpad for IDO is fully customizable and configurable. It exhibits state-of-the-art security features with built-in KYC verification tools and integrated liquidity providers, allowing you to go to market in a matter of days.

Steps to launch a white-label launchpad for IDO

Launching a white-label launchpad for IDO involves building onto the existing template of a well-functioning launchpad. Here are a few steps to plan and launch.

Planning the IDO launchpad criteria 

A launchpad is crucial in both the funding and reputation of crypto projects. As an incubator for projects ranging in all sizes, it is important that you ideate how exactly the launchpad will function and the criteria for projects to be accepted. 

For instance, BSCPad is one of the most popular launchpads for blockchain projects. Given that, the platform does not have strict barriers for a project to secure a spot in their listing. It is on a first-come, first-served basis, making the process fair for everyone. Several tier options exist for projects, such as a lottery or guaranteed position tier. Similarly, you can have an allocation protocol for projects on your launchpad. 

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The respective decision for the same will take place during the planning stage. This is the most important aspect of your white-label launchpad, depending on which the rest of the features will follow. Thus, prioritize this as the first step in the ideation phase and select a suitable white-label template for the same. Since crypto launchpads are still evolving, it is better to consult with a launchpad development company that can give you expert opinions and suggestions. 

Creating native tokens 

When you choose a white-label launchpad, you have two options; either have a native token or use an existing token. This is especially helpful for investors searching for a top-tier project to invest in. This is how it works: the more native tokens an investor owns, the more their chances are to participate in a selected set of top crypto presales. But it need not be the case for all launchpads. For example, UpLift DAO  is powered by its $LIFT token, and one is required only to stake a minimum of 100 tokens to access great token sales.

For certain launchpads that accept other tokens, it is not necessary for all investors to stake native tokens to secure a token allocation. Additionally, you can integrate payment gateways and crypto wallets into your white-label launchpad so that users can conveniently purchase tokens from the platform and easily connect to their wallets for storage. 

Security and verification systems

As mentioned before, a project goes through several screenings (criteria for which will be decided by the launchpad itself) before it will be listed in the launchpad. You have to include certain security checks so that both the project owners and the project’s quality are assured and validated to be presented to the investors. In fact, before the crypto launchpads came into existence, many scams happened in such a way that the project owners disappeared after they falsely convinced the investors to buy their tokens in the initial sale. 

Launchpads filter out their listings so that only legitimate projects are accepted. They must be transparent and provide details about the creators and developers. Owners of the crypto project can also submit a detailed whitepaper that describes the entire project, the fundraising plan, further roadmap, and more, which will be an essential resource for investors to consider investing long-term. The projects and the investors must also be verified of their identity to become platform members. You can start with KYC/AML processes for the same. You can get a better idea of security measures by talking to experts. 

IDO launchpad UX

Eventually, the white-label launchpad should be at the convenience of its primary consumers, i.e., the investors. The UX should be such that it is understandable by investors ranging from novices, new to the crypto world to advanced investors who are experts at what they do. For instance, Binance Launchpad is a relevant example of a convenient UX UI. One of the recent projects they listed is STEPN NFT Token, a Move-to-earn concept. They add details like Tokens offered, number of participants, sales price, end time, etc. You can make clone pages of other launchpads by consulting top blockchain development companies. 

If you choose a white-label launchpad development solution, you will be presented with an optimum user interface in which you just have to add certain customizations. Rather, if you are building a launchpad from scratch, then detailed user research and a thorough study of existing successful launchpads will go a long way. 

Designing the admin panel 

Like the user interface, the admin dashboard is equally important for the launchpad owner. This helps the verification processes to happen smoothly. Thus, the other side of the white-label launchpad, i.e., the admin side, should also be built with sophistication. Because they must be able to verify and cross-check projects and investors on the launchpad and must be able to delete illegitimate accounts to make it investor-friendly and crypto-project-owner-friendly. Importantly, the admin panel must provide a clear view of analytics and data about the actions in each and every project token sales and the sales of the platform’s native token. 

Further IDO launchpad integrations

It is essential to stay on top of the trends when designing a tech product. Technology changes every day, and we must adapt to what is relevant and what drives consumer comfort. A white-label launchpad for IDO is especially convenient for adding and integrating extra elements to a template to make your platform even more appealing. A recent example of catching up to trends in the industry is MetaDexa launchpad.

MetaDexa provides not only ultramodern software for launching new cryptocurrencies but also effective advertising and marketing support. The marketing team of the launchpad promises the crypto projects access to a global audience. You can find out what features or services will appeal more to your platform users and continue integrating them as you function. 

Test, deploy and launch

After doing the above steps, you’ll be entering the finale, which is testing and deployment of the platform. While testing, the platform might be sent back to the developers to make changes according to the test results. After deploying, it’s important to take in the customer survey and make the necessary changes accordingly. Once the platform is up, necessary updates should be done timely according to market relevancy and customer comfort.

TrsutPad: A decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform that allows organizations to raise funds while assuring early-stage investors that their funds will be safe. TrustPad is based on Binance’s blockchain and supports Ethereum, Solana, Trust Wallet., MetaMask, and Certik Skynet. A well-known launchpad that’s part of the decentralized Bablyons ecosystem. Users can purchase $BABI tokens to invest in a project’s IDO and use the platform’s calendar to view all the upcoming projects. An incubator for interactive digital works in a particular subgenre. Gamefi specializes in serving only initial game offerings (IGOs). The platform has more than 50 successfully launched projects with a claim of 61x average return for investors. A launchpad on the Polygon network, Firestarter focuses on metaverse projects known as initial metaverse offerings (IMOs). Users can stake $FLAME, their native token, to gain early access to the best IMOs.

Seedify: A decentralized incubator and launchpad that empowers the upcoming innovations in the blockchain ecosystem through a governance-driven community and involvement, feedback, and funding mechanisms.

Final Thoughts

Launchpads are becoming a necessary component of the crypto market. And white label launchpad solutions are ideal for businesses looking to regain their expenses quickly. They are regarded as the best crowdfunding platform. Not only do they allow efficient crowdfunding, but they also help businesses stay more protective during a public sale. more importantly, they make way for legitimate and promising crypto projects to be listed for funding. They also help investors make informed choices while investing in a token sale. A launchpad can serve equally for a crypto project starting from ground zero as it will for an established one. Overall, building a launchpad will ultimately help keep the crypto environment clean from fraudulent projects and support new yet promising ones.

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