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Why use CoinFactory
whitelabel wallet solutions?

Building your custom crypto wallet app from scratch would take at least 6 months. And for a platform with all advanced features and security measures, it would take 12-18 months. CoinFactory whitelabel wallet solutions enable you to launch your crypto wallet app in a matter of days. We help you save tons of time and money. Our whitelabel solution is built with state-of-the-art technologies and audited by multiple security agencies.

Support 100s of cryptos

Available in iOS & Android

State-of-the-art security

Supports 30+ blockchain standards

Add custom features and functionalities

Go to market in a matter of days

Access to a wide pool of crypto liquidity

User-Friendly Platform


Best in Class Trader Dashboard

CoinFactory's whitelabel crypto wallet App provides a feature rich trader dashboard packed with all the essential features in a seamless UI.

Easy KYC verifications

Supports 14 different languages

Supports standard and advanced accounts

Supports PayPal and several payment gateways

2-factor authentication

Accepts fiat payments

Multiple user sign up flows

Announcements, Newsfeeds

Bonus & Referral programs

Easy to use UI/UX

Exchange wallet, margin wallet, fiat wallet

Customer support integration zendesk, fresh desk +8 others

Email alerts & Notifications


Feature-rich Admin Dashboard

The platform provides a feature rich admin dashboard to manage all aspects related to your crypto wallet

Sub Admin Management

Customer Management

Whitelist/Blacklist Management

Assets Management

Payments & Fees Management

User Activity Management

SMS alerts & Notifications

Rich informative dashboard

Block users, blacklist management

Trade management

Wallet management


State Of The Art
Security Features

For a crypto wallet app, the most vital component is its security. We know this better and we built the whitelabel crypto wallet app with state-of-the-art security technologies and features. The entire platform is audited by multiple security agencies and runs over 100+ security tests. The platform provides IP blacklisting, blacklist tracking, 2FA, Data encryption, Anti DOS, DDOS layers, Network monitoring, Intrusion detection, Firewall, Server hardening, Ports management, Google authenticator, etc. Schedule a call with us to learn in detail about the security features.



When launching a crypto wallet app, it is important to provide convenience to your customers. Our whitelabel crypto wallet app provides the flexibility for your users to access the wallet from multi-platform as well as multi-device. Offering options to access the wallet on the go with mobile apps, progressive web apps, etc. The UI/UX of the crypto wallet is designed based on large research, picking the best features from the leading crypto wallets and adding additional layers to provide the best experience to the users. Want to try it out? Reach out to us to get access to an online demo.



The following are the main features of our whitelabel crypto wallet App that make it stand out from any other whitelabel wallet solution available in the market. Need more features? we can add them for you!


The platform uses AES 256 encryption for data in transit and data at rest. PII data is also encrypted to ensure data integrity. Based on requirements, additional encryption standards can be incorporated.

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

The platform is built with advanced Network Security features including Web Application Firewall, Server Hardening, Ports Management, and 50+ advanced security checks. DOS, DDOS Protection keeps the Exchange from unauthorized and malicious traffic

Blacklist Management

The platform provides an intuitive dashboard for blacklist management for tracking the activities of users based on IP and other variables. It can detect blacklist users based on IP, Geolocation, suspicious activity, etc

2FA, Authenticator

Provide your exchange users with advanced security features to secure their account using 2 Factor Authentication, Google authenticator, Re-Captcha etc.

Security Layer

The entire platform is audited by multiple security teams and runs over 100+ security tests. Schedule a call with us to learn in detail about the security features.

Multi-layer security

Our white-label wallet is a secure multi-asset wallet created to enable businesses and individuals to securely send, receive and store multiple digital assets without the need for end-user application support. Our multi-sig capability helps reduce exposure to a single point of failure as it protects against cyber attacks as well as unauthorized access.

Seamless UI/UX

The platform is designed with high care given for UI/UX. The exchange provides a seamless and intuitive dashboard that can enable users to start trading from day one. The advanced UI provides seasoned traders the flexibility to use the platform efficiently.

High Performance

The backend of the exchange is highly optimized for delivering the best experience to the users. We've given so much care to maintain the API response time as minimal as possible.


The exchange can be accessed from computers, laptops, tablet devices, and mobile devices. The platform is optimized for best performance in cross-platform and cross-device use.


The entire UI and branding of the exchange can be customized to meet your requirements and branding guidelines. Moreover, additional features can be added on top of the existing platform based on requirements.


You have the flexibility to configure the exchange platform, turn ON or OFF the features provided by the platform. We provide settings for additional security layers and more.


The exchange platform can be easily integrated with additional payment gateways, KYC modules, AML modules, Security integrations, etc.

OTC trading facility

The Over-the-Counter trading facility enables the trading of crypto assets directly between two wallet users. The transactions are highly secure and performed with minimum latency. The OTC trading facility allows users to trade hours before the peer-to-peer exchange, making it an ideal platform for arbitrage and high volume trading.

Buy crypto with a credit card

Our whitelabel wallet enables users to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card. We provide a seamless and secure user experience of our service. We also have advanced technological infrastructure running on scalable cloud hosting servers to provide fast and dependable service for our customers.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

This wallet is the only payment gateway providing 'auto-denial of duplicate payments' that avoid chargebacks completely.

In chat transaction

Use our chat to quickly and easily exchange your crypto assets without any limits.

NFC support

NFC-enabled tags allow buyers to transmit their wallet address via Near Field Communication (NFC). The transaction is confirmed within 5 seconds.

Easy portfolio management

This allows you to keep tabs on your current transactions and view transaction history at a glance.

Automated conversion rates

This feature allows you to view your balance and stored amount in fiat currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, and others.

Keyless Wallet

This feature provides you access to your wallet without the use of a private key. No more Private Keys Required

Analytical Dashboards

You get an analytical dashboard to review the status of the exchange, advanced and basic reporting options, automated reports, real-time alerts, and notifications, etc.

Liquidity Providers

The platform provides an option for adding additional liquidity providers to provide your users with increased liquidity options.

Built in KYC modules

The exchange platform is built-in with KYC modules and options to easily integrate more 3rd party KYC providers of your choice.

Ticket Management

Built-in portal for managing the questions, concerns, complaints raised by your users. The ticket management portal enables you to provide a good customer experience for your users.

User management

From the admin dashboard, you can seamlessly manage the users, sub-admins, currency activation, trade pairs management, platform commission management, etc


50+ integrated cryptos and counting

The platform is already integrated with 50+ crypto coins, altcoins, tokens. We are adding more crypto assets to the platform every week.


Crypto wallet powered by Coinfactory

Many prominent crypto wallet apps are powered by CoinFactory's whitelabel wallet solutions.


Frequently Asked

The sender of a transaction must have a key that allows them to spend the money being sent. The sender has to sign a transaction with this private key, and the signature is included in the transaction, giving control of the funds to whoever has the key. Cryptocurrency transactions don't allow you to cancel them after they've been sent. If you send coins to the wrong address by mistake, they will be lost forever.

The basis of a DeFi crypto wallet is the fact that it is a non-custodial wallet where the users have full access and complete control over their private keys and funds.

The cost of building a wallet depends on the features that you want to integrate into your wallet. You can use an existing solution or develop a whitelabel wallet, but if you choose the latter option, it will be significantly cheaper and faster than creating

A new kind of crypto wallet that uses biometric 3D face scans to protect your coins. It is not possible to access the wallet without both halves of the key. With the Keyless crypto wallet, your biometric 3D face scan must match the server’s half of the equation in order to access your funds.


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