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CoinFactory has sucessfully launched 45+ ICOs so far, raising over $640M+ in total. The platform also launched one of the fastest ICOs ever - raising $22MM in just 3 days!


Swiss Alps Mining

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a blockchain based supplier and an operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures that are intended for long-term stationary use. SAE preserves buildings that are unused in the Swiss Alps and uses them to strategically without any interference in the building structure or the environment.



A peer to peer sports, esports & crypto betting platform, secured by smart contracts and powered by the BETU cryptocurrency token.



TalentSnap is the world’s foremost predictive analytics technology, designed specifically with hiring for Fit in mind. TalentSnap perfected an algorithm to determine how compatible a candidate and a company are. In the same way modern dating apps try to match singles based on their attributes, FitScore identifies a subset of critical preferences between both the employer and the candidate.


Boltt Coin

Bolttcoin is decentralized health and sports economy based on the distributed ledger. It is an ecosystem that focuses on rewarding personal heath by leveraging blockchain technology. BolttCoin is a platform that rewards its users with a bolttcoin when they accomplish challenges based on personal health.

United Fans

Leveraging blockchain technology, United Fans offers football fans the ability to purchase game tickets and merchandise, raise capital for their favorite teams, vote on club issues & even reward a player after a great game. The United Fans Dapp brings teams owners, fans and players closer together.


DBX Digital Ecosystem

DBX is a digital asset, open-source, decentralized POS & POW Blockchain technology. DBX Ecosystem is a fast service for digital community infrastructures.


Local Token

Local Token is a peer to peer decentralised cryptocurrency exchange which ensures safe, uncomplicated, comprehensive and fast trading. Local Token Exchange was born out of a shared vision to develop a more efficient global financial system. Local Token Exchange integrates the best of a P2P decentralised exchange with the deep liquidity of a centralised exchange, which makes trading faster, easier, more secure and gives the token holder a share in the profits.


Impala Pay

ImpalaCoin is the crypto currency that is powering the Impala crypto bank or financial network. The crypto bank is a financial inclusive trade and transactional whose primary target is informal paper cash cross border trader, SME international merchant, International supply chain support institutions, e-commerce businesses.


GigEcoin is a decentralized platform with zero commission fee for connecting freelancers with jobs. It supports multinational transfer pricing platform for efficient cross-border transfer pricing management. GigEcoin aim to liberate the labor domain from centralization. Giving freedom and control to the rightful owner: the hirers and hirees but not to the intermediaries.



The KrypNet is an entire ecosystem spanning several products and services that, while each individually worthwhile and viable, work interactively to create a reinforcing and synergistic value proposition for the consumer while retaining a simple and familiar user experience.

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