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IDYLL NFT Marketplace

#1 NFT Marketplace for Music Memorabilia

The client

IDYLL is a platform that helps fans engage with the artist in a way never before, IDYLL is a blockchain company for music discovery. Each digital asset is authentically created by an artist within our network and tokenized as a collectible digital item that you can own and trade via auction or an exclusive limited release drop. We offer seamless commerce and payment experience.

What we offer

We customized our Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform for IDYLL to meet their specific business requirements. The platform offers an exclusive marketplace for Music Memorabilia, rare content, and collectibles.

The customer visiting IDYLL can browse through the listed NFTs, add NFTs to the cart, buy NFTs using ETH as well as fiat currencies. The customer module and admin module are built with all the essential features and functionalities required to manage the NFT buying, selling, and marketplace management.



Integration with Stripe

ERC 721 Standard

NFT cart feature

Multiple payment options

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