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EcoWatt ICO

A Token backed by renewable energy and reforestation

The Client 

EcoWatt is a next-generation energy company, covering the whole energy chain from development and construction to operation and management of renewable energy plants and combining green energy with blockchain tokenization; with over 70 years of team experience in renewable energy, we created a sustainable solution to help everybody go green. With EcoWatt, You can actively combat climate change with a button click.

EcoWat’s mission is to make the world green and friendlier; EcoWatt is a  Blockchain Enterprise Solution to make the world green again by creating new renewable power plants and carbon credits. One Ecowatt token is backed by a minimum of 1Watt renewable power plant capacity.

What we offered

For AquaHelp, we customized our ICO launch platform to meet the specific business requirements. The EcoWatt Token Issuance is backed by the economic output of a physical Green Asset Portfolio. Upon complete Token issuance, 1Billion Watts (capacity of approx 200 LargeWind Turbines) will produce a minimum of 1.5 TWh of green electricity and save 750.000 tons of CO2 Emissions annually.



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EcoWatt Carbon Certificate (EWC)

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