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DBX follows the mission of redefining finance for the new economy, creating an innovative technological bridge between digital and traditional assets. DBX’s goal is to facilitate the interaction of users and investors with cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies. The DBX ecosystem runs on its own blockchain, and due to SWAP bridges, it can be connected with most other popular blockchains. This ensures the best integration of various cryptocurrencies into the system.

The mission of DBX is to bring the process of integrating fiat currencies into tokenomics to a qualitatively new level, meanwhile providing the connection between the real and virtual worlds. We are creating a platform to make it easier for businesses and ordinary users to move into a decentralized digital environment.

What we offered

For AquaHelp, we customized our ICO launch platform to meet the specific business requirements. DBX is the own token of the DBX blockchain. It can be used easily and safely for instant payments, everyday purchases, and income from staking. There are no limitations in the direction of payments for DBX token holders. Meanwhile, transaction commissions are as low as possible, and DBX is compatible




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