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BitDmark ICO

Carbon-neutral Cryptocurrency

About BitDmark

BitDMark is a carbon-neutral cryptocurrency backed by real-world value that is safe, secure, and sustainable. BitDmark is deliberately non-mined and therefore carbon neutral in nature. Moreover, BitDmark crypto-coins are backed by real-world assets with a real economic value. Asset-backed BitDmark-Coins are used to digitize an asset and the record is stored on a blockchain.

BitDmark is a limited-issued stablecoin, monetized to a tangible real-world asset, providing a built-in stop-loss of value, providing a safe cryptocurrency asset to hold in any financial portfolio. With an initial issuance of 2,500,000 million coins backed by 30,000,000 million dollar assets, each coin has the base market value of $9.00 *, with projected growth, in turn, promoting larger market adoption.

Project Vision, Mission

Mass adaptation of both private and institutional investors towards cryptocurrencies.

Provide a stable, low volatility crypto-asset;

Reduce the carbon footprint of digital coin mining, creating a sustainable crypto token



Binance Smart Chain Token

EVM Compatible

Asset-backed Crypto

Non-mined Coin

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