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AquaHelp ICO

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The Client

AquaHelp was founded in 2020 by George Korfias, a visionary entrepreneur involved in the yachting industry. George Korfias’s dream was to make Greece a pioneer in eco-tourism and the cleanest country on the planet. AquaHelp aimed extinct images of pollution, hunger, and human and animal suffering forever.

AquaHelp created an organization with the help of the blockchain that would have full transparency in charities. A donator would finally be able to see where every cent of the donation made went. AquaHelp aims to have an impact and make a real change. We must educate the children properly from a very young age about the significance of ecology and sustainable living.

What We Offered

For AquaHelp, we customized our ICO launch platform to meet the specific business requirements. In AquaHelp the utility token is developed as a smart ERC 20 contract and bridged with the polygon network. A few of the advantages of these tokens are:

  • Recycle incentive for tokens.
  • Obtain AquaHelp’s merchandise and support our actions.
  • Start your own charity based on the AQH platform.
  • Choose among various charities to donate to.
  • Pay for yacht services in 17 countries around the world.

In the ICO period, each investor will be able to buy 10% of the availability of each phase. The ICO will be completed in twelve(12) phases and each phase will last two weeks with the counting for the second phase starting officially on the 1st of October 2021.




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