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Aniseed NFT Marketplace

World’s first charity NFT marketplace

The Client

Aniseed is the world’s first charity NFT marketplace that makes it easy and fun for users to create, sell or collect NFTs. Each and every NFT sold donates a percentage of the proceeds directly to a charitable project. The charity and percentage are fully controlled by the NFT creator.

Aniseed’s mission is to help raise funds and awareness of projects that are working to make a difference on many of the world’s greatest challenges such as climate change, whilst also supporting local artists and creators. The project wants to make the process simple and accessible to all – allowing consumers to purchase in fiat as well as cryptocurrency. Aniseed offsets the carbon of each and every NFT sold on the platform.

What we offered

For Aniseed, we customized our Whitelabel NFT marketplace platform to meet the specific business requirements. The platform offers NFT creation that supports different charities that are supported by the company. The platform offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help the users purchase and trade NFTs on the marketplace. NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform mainly consists of a customer module and an admin module. The customer can browse through the listed NFTs, add NFTs to the cart, buy NFTs using ETH as well as fiat currencies. Users can access more details on the charities they are supporting by purchasing the charity NFTs listed on the platform. The admin module is built with all the essential features and functionalities required to manage the NFT sales and marketplace management.

charity NFT marketplace listing



Integration with Stripe

ERC 721 Standard

NFT cart feature

Multiple payment options

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